Sunday, January 13, 2013


We've reached the halfway point in this competition. We've had 6 flying days, 2 no-fly days, and we have 6 days left on our Championships calendar.

We occupy a variety of positions in the place standings, and all our pilots expect to move up in the second half. It is generally agreed around here that all three scoresheets are still somewhat volatile. The next six days will tell the story.

The story of that story will be told in this blog.

Peter, Phil, John, and I would be greatly encouraged to keep writing if our readers would put a little something in the tip jar. We use the donations we receive to purchase essential items that we didn't bring with us in our luggage - things like tarps, plastic chairs, lumber, a printer, a bicycle, and bizarre power strips.

A bizzare power strip and a plastic chair

Also, gasoline is up to almost 7 pesos per liter, and (thanks to the difficult soaring conditions) we've been burning a lot of it recently.

We'll do our best to continue to acknowledge every donor. Thanks.

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