Monday, January 7, 2013

Late report, synoptic version

At 10pm (which is dinner time in these parts), the scores from today have been published.  On our Team, Sean did the best with a 6th place finish in the Club Class.  Sarah was with him until the very end when she couldn't connect with that last thermal of the day. Phil and Peter had similar stories:  good progress all day long with a difficult ending. They both fell below final glide height, struggled for an age, and then ran into a 2.5 m/sec thermal just when they didn't need it.  In the World Class, Tom caught the gaggle, then lost it, and wound up on the ground in a nice field.  For some reason, Tom's data has not yet been processed, so that means another trip back to the airfield for me.

You can expect a more detailed Good Report tomorrow.

Update 11:25pm: There was nobody in the Scoring Office just now. They were taking a dinner break.

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